ADEMINSA has staff certified ASNT NDT Level III, CWI – AWS, ASME, ABS, and own equipment with the latest technology, to provide their services in:

Diagnosis of machinery in operation, for which they have techniques like Vibrational Control, Frequency Analysis, Wave Analysis in Real Time, phase analysis techniques Enveloping, SEE (Spectral Emitted Energy), Dynamic Balancing «In Situ» and in Bank Laser Alignment and Geometric Verifications, Computerized Analysis ODS ( observation Deflection Shape) and electrical and mechanical infrared thermography.

Thickness calibration and flaw detection by Ultrasound, organic calibration Coatings and Painting, thermography, hardness measurement, vacuum testing, Penetrant liquids, Magnetic Particles, Leak Detection by Ultrasonic, Eddy Current Testing, Holiday Detector testing for coatings and paintings, Computerized Inspection Storage Tank Bottoms – MFL (Magnetic Flux Leakage), MFL Inspection Computerized Wire Rope and Conveyor, Turbine Inspection, and  remote and direct Visual Inspection.

 Energy Balance, steam traps evaluation, condensate recovery, Flash Tanks ,Combustion Optimization, Heat isolations, heat recovery, electric motors, etc.

Anti-corrosion techniques, materials selection, mechanical tests, metallography Destructive and non-destructive, etc.

Design of Cathodic Protection design systems based on NACE Standards, Development and analysis  of unsafe classification area, according to API RT500.

We work in four main areas:

  1. Consulting
  2. Training
  3. Engineering software and Outsourcing
  4. Representation and marketing.

 ADEMINSA offers management and store programs for new and used lubricants; TPM implementation analysis, study and lubrication lifting boxes, etc.

E-mail  Phones: (571) 7516435 / fax. (571) 7495118 / Cel. 320 8380210. Carrera 57 No.174 – 71, Bogotá – Colombia


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