Ademinsa is a Peruvian company founded in 1985 by Alberto Reyna Otayza; today Senior Vibration Analyst – Level III – VA (SNT-TC-1A / ASNT) from Technical Associates of Charlotte (USA) and Level III in thermography ASNT (American Society for Nondestructive Testing) in order to provide maintenance services predictive Inspection by Integral Non-Destructive Testing and Maintenance Management.

Provide industry expertise in training, equipment commercialization and provision of predictive maintenance and energy audits and work of auditing and inspection in industrial assemblies, with high-tech equipment and highly qualified staff, nondestructive testing services to provide the necessary support to enable the industry to perform excellent management.

Consolidate our position as a leader in Latin America at the forefront of engineering techniques, operation and distribution of high-tech equipment, placing increasing our techniques and equipment in the industrial sector, backed by highly qualified personnel and continually trained in the application new technologies and statistical methods, always aiming at customer satisfaction.

Provide engineering services and equipment with the best and latest technology, supported by the competence of human talent, focus on meeting customer needs in the constant search for their production improvement and cost reduction through unplanned downtime, reviewing our process continuously to improve our services.
Quality Certification ISO 9001: 2008
Training, marketing and service teams predictive maintenance and non-destructive testing, energy audits and work of auditing and inspection in industrial assemblies and maintenance implementation programs for the industry in general.

  • Provide customers with quality assurance and reliability at different stages of their projects, equipment and components.
  • Provide business advice based on the most advanced technical guidelines for inspection by NDT and Management Techniques Predictive Maintenance.
  • Maintain constant updating of its staff, by proper internal and external training.
  • Interrelate with the areas of competence, nationally and internationally to share the development of new techniques and improvement of working methods level.

Forming branches in Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, United States, Mexico, Panama, Puerto Rico and Chile, taking hold as a corporation with broad support in quality assurance and compliance responsibility.

Ademinsa Colombia SAS specializes in three lines market focused on Non-Destructive Testing and Predictive Maintenance equipment industry in general; these are:

  1. Provision of Services.
  2. 2. Personal training and Certification.
  3. Equipment marketing

E-mail colombia@ademinsa.com.co  Phones: (571) 7516435 / fax. (571) 7495118 / Cel. 320 8380210. Carrera 57 No.174 – 71, Bogotá – Colombia


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